Be careful..

“Be careful of your children’s education. 

Children come home from madrassah and study the hadith about the 5 pillars of Islam. If then you ask them, what is Islam? They remain silent. But if you ask them, what are the 5 pillars of Islam? They will recite them for you. This shows that they didn’t understand anything; all they did was memorise the 5 pillars without internalising the essence of Islam.

But when they go to school and university, they learn properly and make effort to holistically understand. This imbalance remains and due to this their Islam remains weak. This sometimes leads to people apostatising or having doubts, and very often leads to people not caring at all about Islam.”

Shaykh Akram Nadwi

How they spoke to their husbands..

قالت امرأة سعيد بن المسيب:

ما كنا نكلم أزواجنا إلا كما تكلموا أمرائكم أصلحك الله عافاك الله.

The wife of Sa`eed Ibn al-Musayyib رحمه الله said:

❝We never spoke with our husbands except in the ways one of you speaks with the rulers: “May Allaah rectify (your affairs)!”, “May Allaah protect you!”.❞
[Hilyatul Awliyaa’ (5/198)]