A man is empowered when..

“A man feels empowered when he is trusted, accepted, appreciated, admired, approved of and encouraged.
The secret to empowering a man is never to try and change him or improve him.
When I ask a room filled with hundreds of women and men they all have had the same same experience: the more a woman tries to change a man, the more he resists. 
The problem is that when a man resists her attempts to improve him, she misinterprets his response. She mistakenly thinks he is not willing to change, probably because he does not love her enough. The truth is, however, that he is resistant to changing because he believes he is not being loved enough. When a man feels loved, trusted, accepted, appreciated and so forth, automatically he begins to change, grow and improve.”

Taken from the book:

Men are from mars and Women from Venus

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