The scholars of the past detailed its importance..



Imam Al-Suyuti wrote a sex manual entitled “Nawadir Al-Ayk” as an appendix to a longer book on the benefits of marriage called “Al-Wishah min Fawa’id al-Nikah.”

In [it] he lists sex positions – including more than 48 various on laying down, on one’s side, seated, standing, and on one’s knees. He also mentions techniques for delaying orgasm and different ways to move the penis. He also discusses female orgasm and affirms that women like different things. He also includes a how-to for pleasurable sex.

The Imam also opined the best sex manual was “Tuhfat al-’Arus wa-Nuzhat al-Nufus,” by Abu Abdillah ibn Ahmad al-Bija’i.

Imam Al-Ghazali’s Ihya Uloom Al-Din also has a section in the chapter on marriage on how best to have sex

For more: شـرح كـتـاب الـنـكـاح، كـتـاب يـبـحـث في الـزواج و مـرغـبـاتـه و شـروطـه ، كـمـا يـشـرح فـتـاوى ابن تـيـمـيـة فيـمـا يـخـتـص بـالـمـوضـوع ، و يـشـرح كـتـاب الـوشـاح في فـوائـد الـنـكـاح لـلـسـيـوطـي

this shows that the scholars paid attention to these matters as they form one of the most crucial factors in one’s married life. Learning about this for the right intentions is often rewarded [such as one who does so to satisfy their husband or wife etc]

via The Final Revelation

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