Pretty women come with a tax..

Pretty women come with a tax very few men can pay

“Whenever you want to get married you ask first about her deen or her beauty? The person with ‘ilm asks about her beauty first and if her looks impresses him he then asks about her deen, and if her deen also impresses him they get married. Brothers nowadays flipped it. He asked about deen first and he was impressed.

But then when he took a look at her he was disappointed, rejected her, and thus fell into contradiction to the hadeeth because it is not permissible to reject a sister who has good character and deen. So to avoid falling into this problem you should ask about her beauty first. And I advise all men not to go after very pretty women because they come with a tax – and only Allah knows – very few men can pay.”

​S​haykh Mashoor ​fatwa session ​(July 20, 2018)