This blog will be expounding upon issues that surround marriage ranging from: Looking for a spouse, martial relations, the sunnah of Rasool (صلى الله عليه وسلم) with regards to marriage, tafseer of relevant ayat, saying of the scholars, fiqh, and the importance of marriage, divorce and things related to nushooz. As well as: raising an Islamic household, fiqh with regards to children and the rights of the mother and father, and much more inshAllah.

Note: This is not a website designed to help find partners.

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  1. Assalam alaykum i have question I tried on your website but it was too long a brother was married happily for 15 years has
    one daughter lost other babies in not fully formed pregnancy wife cheated on him for 2 years when he found out he divorced her got married to his divorced cousin with 1 daughter also within 1 month he kept his own daughter, he wasn’t getting on well with his new wife and she was jealous of his daughter she fell pregnant their issues continued it started affecting both girls so they decided to go separate girls gone to her parents he’s going to divorce her once she’s had the baby.
    Now his ex wife wants to come back she’s crying and pleading and she sed she will live how he wants and he still got feelings for her but confused wether he should take her back can he trust her again what does islam say in this?

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