As the marriage season gets underway..

Advice from Brother Omar Husnain

As marriage season starts to get underway…

For the brothers

1. Marriage is not going to cure your pornography addiction and wandering eyes. Therapy and dedication will. Fix your issues before you go and ruin someone else’s life.

2. Yes, its best to get married young. But, you have to be able to financially provide. If you are still asking your Dad for gas money, you may want to reconsider.

3. Don’t lead on a girl and her family for a year, and then disappear. If you are not interested, let it be know immediately so everyone can move on.

4. Don’t expect Barakah when you used questionable means for the marriage.

5. Prep your life skills. Learn how to budget, take out the trash, and do things when you don’t want to.

For the sisters

1. If he is avoiding your family, its probably a bad sign from the start.

2. The more you pollute your mind with Hollywood fantasies, the more your marriage will be farther from reality.

3. Don’t listen to those who tell you that “You don’t need no man.” Let them enjoy their single life.

4. Be compassionate to your parents. They truly want the best for you. They could be completely wrong, but tell them why they are respectfully.

5. 21 is not to “old” to get married. Better to get married at 22 and be happy, than 20 and miserable.

For both

1. Ignore the people in society who want to pit the genders against each other. Men and women are compliments to each other. Each one needs the other.

2. Marriage is not 50/50, its 100/100. You have to be willing to compromise some things completely for the greater good of you BOTH.

3. You should both get in better shape after marriage, not worse.

4. Do some religious activity together such as attending events, prayer,dua,service, etc. It will help grow your strongest bond: The spiritual one.

5. Remember that the journey only gets better with time.

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